Introducing Asana Rebel App: Fitness Design for Everyday Life

For those who are looking to get their daily influx of physical health, the Asana Rebel App is perfect for you. This app uses a combination of home workouts, yoga sequences, and meditation to help you achieve your fitness goals. Developed by world-renowned yoga and fitness instructor, Sascha Bilek, the app is focused on helping you create a balanced lifestyle and stay motivated on your health journey. Asana Rebel follows a holistic approach, distinguishing itself from other fitness apps. It offers individualized training plans to help you strengthen your body while finding emotional balance and health.

Design and Features

One of the most notable features of the Asana Rebel App is its intuitive and sleek design. User-friendly menus make it easy to find workouts and exercises tailored to your personal fitness goals. With progress tracking, custom notifications, and access to the Asana Rebel community, it gives you all the tools to build your own health journey. Plus, it provides detailed guidance for each exercise, so you can perfect your form from the comfort of your home.



The Asana Rebel App focuses on creating a balanced lifestyle through three main components: Strength, Balance, and Movement. Each is designed to help you reach your goals at your own pace. Strength focuses on resistance and cardio exercises, while Balance helps you improve posture and coordination. Movement focuses on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Additionally, each workout sequence is divided into blocks that can range from three to ten minutes, depending on your schedule.

Health Plans

The Asana Rebel App also offers health plans to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals faster. From beginner to advanced, all plans are tailored to fit your individual needs. Each one focuses on improving strength, increasing fitness, and providing you with a balanced lifestyle. Plus, the adaptive AI system creates individualized programs and assessments to help you track your progress.

Audio Guided Meditations

The Asana Rebel App provides access to audio-guided meditations to help you connect with your breath and body. It’s a great way to stay mindful and take moments for yourself between or after workouts. The relaxing sound textures also help to create a calming atmosphere that can help you relax and reduce stress.


The Asana Rebel App also offers access to the Asana Rebel Community, a global community of like-minded individuals focused on health and wellness. Here, you’ll find inspiring stories from members around the world, air their thoughts and experiences, and gain support and motivation on your journey.

Apple Health

For those who prefer to track their fitness with Apple Health, the Asana Rebel App allows you to sync the app with your Health app. This way, the app will keep track of your progress and steps while you’re exercising.

Download Asana Rebel App

You can download the Asana Rebel App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’s completely free to download and use.


The Asana Rebel App gives you all the tools to build your own health journey. With individualized training plans, audio-guided meditations, and access to the Asana Rebel community, you can create a balanced lifestyle that fits your individual needs. Now, you can stay motivated on your fitness goals even from the comfort of your home.